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 Guaranteed rental income

 Guaranteed rental income



With changes in reduced Dividends and Tax relief on propertythis is a perfect time to consider the options....


a) Pay Tax or    b) use a Trust - so you don't have to.



 Do you want the best asset and wealth protection strategy available?

   Do you want to ring fence your assets?

 Are you a higher rate tax payer?

 Would you like to reduce your income tax liability?

  Do you own a number of buy-to-lets?

 Do you want to sell property but can’t for fear of CGT liability?

 Are your yields poor, and would like to release capital from a sale of a property so that you can reinvest?

 Do you receive income from property rentals?

 Are you thinking of buying or selling a business?

 Are you worried about Inheritance Tax?


If you answer yes    to the above - make sure you attend!



Our presentation explains the most advanced and successful wealth protection strategy available today. 

It is totally compliant with tax rules and statute and case law. This means HMRC are bound by and have to accept the same laws on which this Trust bases its planning, therefore making this planning 100% successful! 


 This works for any trading style, individual or company. (not PAYE)

 You are always in control of your money which stays in your own UK bank account.

 All the processes needed will be set up for you.

 No upfront fees.




There are many people here in the UK who have enormous amount of money sitting in the bank only to get small returns annually. Well Sani has got a good news for you.Our property investors collaborate with individuals who wish to make good returns on their monies by carefully buying and flipping properties across the country and split  profits according to each investors amount of injection.However long it takes for every deal depends on how often our investors gets a good deal on a property,the amount of renovation needed doing(if any at all),and our marketing strategy.The longest we have sold properties is 6weeks on marketing it,and the shortest we have had an offer that turned to a confirmed sale is One Hour(1hr).Sani Properties together with its investors  buys from motivated sellers at "below the market value" and flip it for a good margin.The profit margin usually depends on the type of property and how quick the property needs to sell.This usually ranges from 10% up to 50% depending on the property.Investors are at no obligation whatsoever and can walk away with their money anytime prior to waiting for the next deal or immediately a property is sold and funds become available.No contracts,no obligation.Our individual investors can even choose to buy properties bought by Sani Properties ready to list on the market for a member price.

Why Choose us:

  • We have experienced property investors to work with us
  • We are trust worthy
  • We walk the walk
  • We have a strategic marketing package to flip houses quickly
  • We are transparent
  • We are friendly and easy going(it's only one life so why not)
  • We are down to earth
  • We understand your investment needs to bring good returns
  • We live on properties,we love it,it really satisfies our thirst
  • Call it if you will but i guarantee you,you will walk away happy

Why don't you try and reach us on or call our office line on 01908933770.


International Investors

All international investors are equally welcome to join us and make a decent return we all deserve for ourselves and families.However it is equally important for all international investors to note that Sani properties Investments is a UK registered company and as such we abide by the laws and regulations of the land,and so all international investors who wish to register with us must adhere the laws and regulations governing the UK money laundering act 2007,Every individual upon request to invest with Sani Properties shall be asked to provide proof of identity and proof of funds.It is up to applicants to do their own due diligence prior to register with our Flip For Profit(FFP) scheme.


Investment returns shall depend on the currency rate of the British pound(£).This is a very good incentive for international investors with weaker currencies,This means investing in the pound certainly gives a return in pounds takes you a two step forward.


Investors shall bear in mind upon request of your investment returns,Sani can not guarantee how long funds will reach their owners, depending on the bank and the country it can take anytime between 3 business working days to 14 business working days.Please call our office on +44 1908 933 770 for a free no obligation,no contract chat.

Please Note:

Sani Properties Investments Limited have the right to refuse applicants  who want to join our Flip For Profit scheme without any explanation.


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