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 Guaranteed rental income

 Guaranteed rental income

What We Do

1.We Buy Properties:

 We buy from motivated sellers,vendors who wish to sell their properties for quick cash,families who are relocating,couple going through Divorce and wish to dispose off their properties,Mortgage tied down individuals,BMV(below market value)properties,Auction properties etc.We have various buying options available,some of which is

  • Outright purchase=Outright purchase is where we buy properties in cash.

  • Lease Option Sales=Lease option Sales is where we take over vendors mortgage payments together with any maintenance on the property,and giving you piece of mind to carry on with your life.In lease Option sales we usually require a certain number of years from vendors to make full payment on their properties.Lease Option sales presents opportunity for vendors to get full market price of their properties and even more.It is ideal for vendors that wish to relocate,take off a mortgage burden,or simply want to move on with their lives without any debts hunting them.

  • Delayed Completion=Delayed completion sales, is neither lease option nor outright sales,in this option a substantial amount of deposit is paid to the vendor to secure the property in order to give us enough time to arrange for funds to pay for property in full.



Whether you are struggling to sell your house or you simply want to bring it to shape to achieve a higher income.We can add value to your property(ies) to achieve the highest attraction from buyers.No money to pay upfront.You only pay when the property is sold.If you want to add value to a rental property by extension,redecoration,conversion.Please give us a call kickstart your dream.




We are open to a long let from landlords who want a continuous cashflows on their investments.Through our rent to rent scheme,we would rent your property to give you a piece of mind with a guaranteed rent whether or not there is tenant in the property.We can even pay up to six months rent in advance


4.Property Investment:


This is where we partner with anyone who wants to make between £20,000 - £200,000 a year on property deals.We buy BMV properties and with our experience we flip it to our pool of investors for a good profit margin.

  • If you have a spare funds sitting somewhere with little or no return on it,bring it and we will work together for an attractive profits.

  • Experienced investors can also approach us for Partnership deals for a win win situation.


We believe society needs us,we add value to people's life by solving housing problems through property investments,acquisition and disposals.We believe you also deserve to lead a stress free life by doubling your income,owning your first home or tired of being a home owner or perhaps want a place you can call a home to rent for you and your beloved family.


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